Meet The eRealty Advisors Founders

eRealtyAdvisors is an industry-leading real estate brokerage firm headquartered in New York, co-founded by Stephen Apple and Richard Wolff. With over 65 years combined experience in the real estate industry, Stephen and Richard saw an opportunity to change the real estate industry for the better. This simple yet powerful outlook is the guiding force behind their agent/client-centric culture.

eRealty Advisor’s unique mission comes from decades of experience working with buyers, sellers and agencies.

In today’s world where technology is king, it’s never been more important for agents and clients to stay updated on the latest tools and trends. With options ranging from social media to property listings and agent websites, there’s a lot to manage and even more competition.

Our virtual real estate company was founded with the desire to offer tools and practices that empower virtual real estate agents so they can work independently with clients, provide the best service and easily stay in touch with clients. Gone are the days of the brick and mortar offices. 

Ever since we started our virtual real estate company, we’ve put the focus on our clients so they can handle the many challenges they face. Whether you’ve had to deal with low inventory or struggled to find the right agent to work with, we have the experience to help you. Our agents have a whole platform at their fingertips to help their clients who will benefit from the modern practices and technology suited for today’s real estate market.

Meet the Team